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Since your return, has everything panned out as expected?

Definitely not, it has been much better than I expected. Prior to university, I planned on working as a radio VJ.

Looking for single men and women in their 20’s Nationwide If this is you or someone you know, please email [email protected] with your name, age, phone, email, city/state, occupation, current photos / social media links, and a little about you and your bad relationship history.

* Include in the subject line “Rebound” * There is compensation if selected.

In an age when the average number of years an employee spends with their employer is 4.2 years, this is a remarkable achievement.

Ryan and Matthew share their experiences and advice!

Now you can kick back, relax and focus on just the right people. Like in front of that dude who still thinks the world is flat. Smartypants can message you, he’ll need to see eye-to-eye on the important issues that you’ve set as your Dealbreakers. Mesh embraces all genders and sexual orientations without discrimination.

Send them the profile you think they'll like and make some sparks fly. And know that some things are best kept on the down low.

When I got to the university, I become more interested in development and public service work than media, so I focused mainly on that.

Once I moved back, I began working at an NGO in Ekiti for my NYSC year.

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    "Do you think my boyfriend and I should live together? I could tell from her bloodshot eyes that she'd been pondering the question all night. " I asked "Frankly," she said, smiling weakly, "I'm afraid it'll ruin our relationship." I knew she wasn't exaggerating.