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If you have walked into any shops or restaurants in the past few weeks, you may have noticed a lot of brightly coloured hearts in various shades of fuchsia splashed about all over the place.

Cards with hearts on, posters with hearts on, even giant teddy bears holding hearts (which is biologically confusing as without the heart how is the bear able to breathe and thus hold the heart at all…unless he is holding someone else’s heart in which case that is pretty damn sinister if you ask me).

Funnily enough this is not because February is a month in which humans feel the need to celebrate the life giving aortic pump caged within our ribs (or in the hands of a rather terrifying and possibly murderous teddy bear), all this heart shaped nonsense is because tomorrow is Valentine’s day.

Personally I have never understood why you should need a holiday to remind you to let your partner know that you love them, but I suppose it is better to have a day dedicated to love than something horrible like punching puppies in the face.

Here are the ones you may encounter (or may have faced yourself): Some medical conditions and disabilities may scare you because you don’t have experience with them and don’t know what they mean.

If you do meet someone who faces one of these challenges, consider doing a little research on that issue before you react.

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A 2010 report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reported that 19.9 percent of adults in the U. reported having a mental health condition that year.

You spend the earlier parts of your relationship trying to “read” the other person; trying to make sure you’re both on the same page.

Then, once you’ve passed that phase, it’s on to really getting to know the other person.

It’s important to think about what medical conditions you have, which conditions you need to talk about, and what modifications of mobility or health you’re willing to take on for someone you’re interested in dating.

Some diseases and conditions are definitely more likely post-50 than pre-50.

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