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Taking into account that one in six college women have been sexually abused in a dating relationship (source), it is important that campuses pay greater attention to the overlap of sexual assault and dating violence, rather than treating the two as separate issues.As attendees departed, they left with a challenge in mind: to follow up with a person they had met that day who had inspired them.

Our dating website works across all the Desktops, Tables and Mobile devices so you will have a chance to connect with the online dating community at your convenience.

” This is the question I asked of over forty administrators, faculty and staff members, and student activists from across the District of Columbia in individual interviews over the course of June and July 2015.

People in states like Gujarat, Goa, Bihar and Kerala lead in the purchase of sexual wellness products in the country, according to a new study.

And sometimes your parents really did know best when a date just wasn't right for you.

If you take everything in moderation and know your priorities, you should be able to enjoy the full college experience, both social and scholarly.

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