Updating a sony blu ray player

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Downloaded and installed by the user directly from the internet to the device.

In order to install a firmware update in this fashion, the device (usually most Blu-ray Disc Players, Network Media Player/Extender, Internet-Enabled TV, or Network capable Home Theater Receiver with a built-in network connection) is able to access and download the needed update directly from a special website file created by the product manufacturer.

However, bear in mind that the release is targeted only at Blu-ray players that have been sold in Europe.

In addition, the nature of firmware allows the user to update the operating system when new sets of instructions are required to enable new features, or access current features more efficiently.

Examples of what firmware can do in home theater applications: Firmware updates can be applied in four ways:1.

The M9500 has a similar curved chassis but the build quality is better and there is an attractive brushed metal black finish.

As consumer electronics get more complicated and technology changes quickly, the need to keep a product up-to-date, especially in home theater applications, has gotten more critical. In PCs, firmware is usually a program that is actually embedded in a hardware chip.

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