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I was surprised how small the Eris is in the hand, it almost feels too narrow for my big hands.

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The problem is that it is an older build than the leaked 2.1, so anyone who upgraded is now unable to flash to this rooted rom. There is however a reason that HTC hasnt released it themselves, could be to something that were not capable of seeing, could just be a matter of "filtering" Are there LIVE WALLPAPERS? Am I able to downgrade in the future for a shot at root /// any other reason? Note that the eris wasn't rooted for MONTHS under the "old" update, and being that lots of people are on the new version, theres a likely chance that if there needs to be a downgrade in order to get rooted, the devs will figure out how to do that as well. -suspected release dates are near the end of March IE: end of Q1.Current progress is being pointed at trying to figure out how to downgrade to 1.5 so that we can go to this 2.1 that has SU in it. Then again, it was also near the end of January and also near the end of February after that.The Cyanogen Mod developers managed to create and release the 7.2 version a few days ago.Quick Table of Contents: continue scrolling for more "updated" details ROOT STATUS: ROOTED NOT YET RELEASED HOWEVER MOST RECENT UPDATE("non-legit"): 2.1 with Sense Scroll down for more info!*NEED IMMEDIATE CONTACT FOR AN ISSUE/QUESTION/INQUIRY?? IRC: irc.thefuzz4#roottheeris and #dev (this is listen only for most) or PM ME!

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