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Acronis Backup 12.5 is the world’s easiest and fastest backup solution for all your data, whether it is located on-premises, in remote systems, in private and public clouds, or on mobile devices.

With enhanced backup validation and blockchain-based authentication of your backups with Acronis Notary™, Acronis Backup 12.5 is the most reliable backup solution on the market today.

And featuring remixes from Jim Rivers, Glenn Morrison, Guy J, Oliver Moldan, etc.

But for now, here is a list of 27 of the most important upcoming “Fin Tech” events in the region for this year: In case you ask us the recommend 3 events out of this list for May we would choose: Finnovasia in Hong Kong, Bank Tech in Manila and Fintech Agent, the 1st Fintech conference in Mynamar. Tech in Asia’s 12th edition conference will be held in Singapore.

This year, it will introduce six stages to the conference: Main Stage, Bootstrap Alley, Arena, Night Crawl, Startup Investor Speed Dating, and Meet the Media.

Based on data from Coin Desk, as at Wednesday June 14, Bitcoin had a market capitalization of approximately billion and was traded at just under 00. Bitcoin’s market share was at around 87% in February.

This simply means that even though Bitcoin is still growing and making substantial value gains, other cryptocurrencies in the market are growing much faster and are making more substantial value gains.

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